Tattoo is an art which have its own charm. A tattoo artist is an individual who applies permanent decorative tattoos, often in an established business called a "tattoo shop," "tattoo studio" or '"tattoo parlour." Tattoo artists usually learn their craft via an apprenticeship under a trained and experienced mentor.

Myself Karan Gohil, An agile Tattoo artist from Surat City, India. Along with Darshan Gohil who is my inspiration in this artistic field I started my tattoo carrier in 2014 as I am engrossed involve in Painting Sketches and that hobby becomes a passion for tattoo art. In the initial days, I started learning tattoos in my college days under the guidance of Darshan Bhai. In my starting days, I inked the first tattoo on my own body and after deep learning, I found new ways of tattoo art along with time passing.

I usually preffer the tattoo who are having deep meaning hence i mastered in the Geometry tattoo art. Along with inking, Piercing become my favorite work and in past 3 years i did more than 100+ piercings till today's date.